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Issue - 01/10/2011
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| Issue Date - 01/10/2011

Infamous 2
An electrifying return

There are games. There are good games and then there's inFamous 2. An intense sequel to the first installment of the game launched in 2009, the game continues from where it was left at the end of inFamous. You play Cole McGrath, a bike courier who has been turned into a man with super human abilities shooting lightning bolts from his fingers, launching sticky grenades, Alpha shots, et al following the events that take place in the first part. inFamous 2 offers a phenomenal super hero experience despite the fact that the protagonist is not actually a super hero. Although the user controls do not change much, it still makes for the most gripping game you would have played so far in 2011. If you have played the prequel, the console automatically downloads your avatar from the previous iterations or you can start from scratch. The nemesis is a 50-foot monster called 'The Beast'. What makes the sequel even better in terms of game play is that the developers have done a good job of recapping the events from the first game making it convenient for gamers who are new to the storyline. However, the programmers could have been a little more creative while deciding the coding for navigation (which is quite effortless) by making it somewhat challenging. But what makes up for the lack in creativity is the 'Level editor'. The feature has been flicked from LittleBigPlanet and Halo Forge. Christened as User Generated Content (UGC), players can use it to incorporate small changes or make the game overwhelmingly difficult. What's more? Apart from making physical changes, the player can even introduce a new storyline altogether. Even PS3's dynamic processor adds more power into the game. There might nothing be exceptional about this game compared to its predecessor, but it still makes for a compelling collectors title. With a title like Need For Speed: The Run still due for launch in November later this year, one can certainly go ahead and buy this one.

Technical Specifications :

Available on PS3
Prequel of inFamous
Cool factor: User Generated Content Lets players generate customised storylines
Drawback: Easy gameplay; less challenging

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