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When law keepers trun law breakers
No Immunity
Scrutiny of sexual misconduct in the judiciary has just about started

No one is immune to charges of sexual misconduct, not even judges. Recently, a former judge of the Supreme Court A. K. Ganguly was accused by a former intern of molestation. The incident allegedly took place when he was a serving judge.

The intern lawyer charged him with calling her to his hotel room in Delhi and making sexual overtures. This sensational accusation first found its way onto the blog pages of the ‘Journals of Indian Society’ on November 6, 2013. Supreme Court later commented on the allegations too. Entitled “Through my looking glass’, the piece appeared again in a website called ‘Legally India’. As a passing shot, the victim said she knew of other ladies too who've had to undergo similar experiences. After the charges and resultant public outcry, Ganguly was forced to quit the West Bengal Human Rights Commission.