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Anil Chopra, Group CEO, Bajaj Capital
"Client-count is a more critical figure than revenues"
From harnessing new technology in the field of financial services, to hunting for new talent to take the business forward, to working his way around regulatory roadblocks, Bajaj Capitalís Group CEO is making his presence felt. Interview by: Pallavi Rohmetra

B&E: How about regulatory issues?

AC: One challenge, as mentioned earlier, is the continuously changing regulations. But, I feel that we have to learn to live with them. Apart from this, there are certain expectations from the regulator like common application form for mutual fund industry, less documentation, less KYC formalities, etc. Another key challenge is the lack of talent in the system for expansion.

B&E: What activities are you undertaking for educating customers?

AC: In the last 49 years of our existence, we would have had conducted more than 10,000 different customer education seminars across the country. We organise at least 3-4 such seminars every month, where we invite those in the need of financial advice. We educate them about the benefits of starting to invest early, importance of planning for future goals, how different solutions can help improve their quality of life, etc. We believe that our business itself is oriented towards CSR, because we continuously help our clients to achieve financial goals.

B&E: What is the most critical change that Bajaj Capital wants to bring about?

AC: Harness new technology in our busienss, get a younger audience by the day and acquire fresh talent to build a solid base for the future!

Pallavi Rohmetra
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