Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor


I enjoyed reading the most recent issue of Business & Economy. I especially enjoyed the Cornell-IIPM Think Tank-B&E joint study on succession planning. I find that B&E’s issues with multiple articles on related subjects give additional depth to the reading. I also appreciate the international perspectives analyzing the subject matter. The Theory of Inside’O’Mania was well written and informative. The article – A Sure shot ‘Plan’ to ‘Success’ – with the case studies of GE, IBM and P&G – was excellent. I also completely enjoyed reading the exclusive interview of Richard Branson. I have rarely seen such well-taken and well-presented interviews of any face as famous as Richard Branson in other magazines.

Arthur C. Wheaton

Director, Western NY Labor and
Environmental Programs,
Cornell University, ILR School

Great experience

What I like the most about Business & Economy magazine is the writing style. It’s hard to find an analysis-driven business magazine these days. That’s where Business & Economy stands out. The innovative style of highlighting issues, which are critical in nature is impressive. The focus of Business & Economy makes it an India-centric but globally relevant publication. It’s a great experience to read your cover stories. They add immense value.

Timothy W. Koch
Professor of Finance,
University of South Carolina

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