Brisk business in the backup lane?
With the power deficit in India not likely to improve dramatically in near future, the UPS market presents exciting opportunities for manufacturers to expand, particularly those who address the need for new, customised, and niche applications in the commercial and industrial segments
A well designed power supply system can ensure a high level of reliability for meeting the growing needs of e-commerce, data centres and the ever increasing number of servers, electronic and medical e....Read More

“The UPS market in India is largely unorganised”
Mark Werle, CEO, Numeric India, on the growth prospects and emerging opportunities for UPS providers and what his company is doing to expand its business footprint in the country
B&E: As a company providing power backup solutions, what is your assessment of the power market in India?
Mark Werle (MW): As a UPS supplier we try to provide the best product possible in order ....
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