Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

Honours Diploma in Industrial Engineering,
M.A Economics, P.G.D.P.M, F.I.I.P.M
Founder, Planman Consulting.
Editor-in-chief, Business & Economy.

Professor Arindam Chaudhuri is the Dean, Centre for Economic Research & Advanced Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. His contribution to the field of management in India can be found in the iconoclastic "Theory 'i' Management" which he has developed for his dream India Inc. "Theory 'i' Management" is about India centric management ideas. He is the author of two National Best Sellers, "Count Your Chicken before They Hatch" and “The Great Indian Dream".

He founded Planman Consulting when he was only 25 years old. Today, Planman has over 650 self motivated MBAs contributing to its ever increasing growth, making it India's largest multi-interest Management Consulting Firm. In just 8 years, he has made Planman a respected and a well known name in the consulting business. With branches situated in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, it provides consulting solutions to leading corporate houses like G.E., Citibank, ICICI, Standard Chartered, HSBC, PWC, Hewitt Associates, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Co., Amway, Ranbaxy, Electrolux, Sony, Samsung, PepsiCo, Coke, Hewlett Packard, Nestle etc. As a management consultant, his specialties are Strategic Vision, Leadership, Social Sector Consulting, Comparative Management Techniques and Global Opportunity & Threat Analysis.

Since the last few years he has been conducting workshops on Leadership and Strategic Vision exclusively for CEOs, MDs, Directors and Presidents from the corporate sector. From the Managing Director of Hero Motors, the President of Tata Chemicals, the Executive President of A.V. Birla Group, to the CEO of Ernst & Young… they have all attended LEADERSHIP TRAINING WORKSHOPS conducted by him.


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